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13 rules to help you win in business with ADHD

Quick read – tailored for ADHD

Read it in less than 5 minutes – This book was created for people with ADHD by people with ADHD. We know you don’t have patience and we know you “get it” instantly, so we created a fast track for you to whisk through the book and still get the most out of it.

Building Blocks

ou are constantly evolving, learning and developing. Use these rules as your building blocks and create your own rules and don’t forget to share them with our community!

Simple yet powerful rules

Easy to follow, surprisingly effective

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provides valuable insights, effective solutions, and coping strategies for some of the most common issues, challenges, and sources of stress commonly confronted by people with ADHD

Carolina Estevez, Licensed Psychologist

Psy.D., Licensed Psychologist
Miami, Florida

A whole new perspective about ADHD!

Abby Keeley

Memphis, Tennessee

About Hadar Swersky

Hedge Fund Manager. Entrepreneur. Author.

Hadar Swersky

Author – Hedge Fund Manager – Business Person

I have been involved in business since I can remember myself. Buying, selling, starting new ventures, you name it.

Only after several years in business did I realise that I have severe ADHD that not only affects my “life choices” (risk takers???), but also my day to day performance. I set out to establish some ground rules to help me along and found that these rules really helped me succeed.

Over the years I discussed these rules with colleagues and friends and came to the understanding that they were insightful, yet simple to follow, and due to popular demand I sat down to write down these rules.

This is a book for people with ADHD, it takes just a few minutes to read, yet should have a long lasting effect on you.

Enjoy your reading and most importantly please write to me and share your experiences after reading this book.